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As someone said, "Creativity makes a leap, and then looks to see where it is." At KEEDA, we do that every step of the day. KEEDA has the soul of creativity, a heart of an artist, and the brains of a marketing genius. KEEDA is not only an event management company but also a brand and personality management company all rolled into one. We're NOT your run-on-the-mill event management or brand Management Company. No sir! Creativity combined with brilliant marketing ideas that sell.

KEEDA was started by partners in keedegiri -- Vrushali Kulkarni and Sudarshan Sabade who were bitten by the creativity Keeda in 2012. Over 20+ clients and several successful campaigns later, KEEDA has come a long way with other Keede-bahadurs joining them from time to time. Team KEEDA prides in calling itself the one-stop-shop for things creative and marketing.

People Behind keeda:

With a degree in Commerce and Diploma in Animation & Design, Since early days, Sudarshan’s inclination was towards becoming an entrepreneur, After making an attempt to work with an Animation Institute, One fine day, he decided to call it quits, and paved way for an own venture with a vision of transforming it in to an empire. Having extraordinary analytics and design skills, he stands strong as a foundation of KEEDA.


After completing her M.A in sociology, Vrushali worked in education sector for a while. During her job tenures, she realized her strength and ability of becoming an entrepreneur. She established an Animation Institute as her first successful venture. Few years in to the venture, the institute was merged with a renowned academy, moving on, after an insightful study, she joined hands and laid the foundation of KEEDA. KEEDA’s foundation became twice as strong with Vrushali’s Impeccable Management, Organizational & Administrative skills, combined with entrepreneurship experience.

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Brand, is purely your face in the market. As a brand you project your product service'simage, but it's always debatable how customer perceive this image which your Brand intends to create. In today's open market Brand should be in a position to adopt and adhere to socio- economical-market situations to change their IMAGE. We have expert team who come from various backgrounds to provide you that insight view, which will keep your brand.
flexible & reachable with the image you want your customers to perceive.


A Website is your brand's official address on the information super-highway that is the Internet. Your website provides millions of prospective clients access to the information about your brand, products and services. What's more, it promotes you non-stop 24/7 365 days a year. KEEDA is an expert in creating a website that expresses something about who you are, tells a story about your brand, and sells your services or products. We impart one stop solution for website, from UI design to SMO.


Researchers have found out that customers make purchases based on the brand connection that they can identify with or feel good about. More often than not, a well written content rings a positive vibe with their potential customers. With waning attention span in today's world, precisely worded impactful content becomes all the more important. It's crucial for the content to be precise and specific, irrelevant content can be a deceptive, and can be a reason for substantial setback for the brands, irrespective of it being on website, brochures, blogs, pamphlets, etc. Your search for impeccably designed pertinent content will end right here at KEEDA.


Design is in everything KEEDA makes. It's a heady mix of craft, science, storytelling, inspiration, propaganda, and philosophy. From website design to brand identity design and from communication design to designing animation characters -- we do it all! Great design is making something memorable and meaningful -- a hallmark of KEEDA because we believe successful design is the silent ambassador of your brand.

Digital Marketing

The digital revolution is here, and the businesses all over the globe don't want to be left behind in the race of taking their brands online.With over a billion people online, the Internet is the hot new destination where customers are not only interacting with their favourite brands but are also representing the brand itself. In this scenario, you need a reliable digital marketing partner who understands branding and marketing,has deep domain knowledge, and most importantly the hands-on experience of strategizing, implementing,and delivering data-driven results.Keeda bestows your brand the much-needed online presence in the digital realm which includes the social web, web technology, communities,platforms, content networks, mobile devices and more.Team Keeda does not just bring things to the table,but it brings the entire goddamn table with expertise in SEO, SMO, Social Media Marketing ,Content Marketing, and Mobile Marketing.


Marketing is an essential and an integral part of brand reaching the consumers; it is not about making the customers buy, but making the customers aware of the brand's existence. At KEEDA, our job is to sensitize.
the customer as well as understand how the customer wants to buy and help them do so. It isn't about spending big bucks to get customer attention or buying a full-page ad in the newspaper but smart marketing that makes customer feel smart.
We provide 360 Degree integrated marketing solutions ranging from intricate ground level research work to intelligent use of social media platform that connects to people and interacts with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them.


In today's fast paced world, where time is a commodity, conceptualizing and executing an event has become very important. Earlier, events were subjective however now every event be it personal or professional requires creation, delivery, and management. KEEDA breathes life in your vision and vision into reality that eventually creates memories that last for a lifetime. Today, events are not limited to kid's birthday parties and corporate get together, its way beyond celebrating festivals, a need for managing these events is certain and constant. With assurance in your time management, we provide services in managing, planning and executing events


Audio – Visual medium is one of the most impactful tool in today's advertising world, with effective use of the medium, a brand can make long lasting impact within seconds. Be it a Brand Film, Corporate Film, Industrial Film, We provide wide array of services ranging from pre-production to post production.


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